The ELIA Networking Days in Brussels

On Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October, the 20th edition of the ELIA Networking Days took place in Brussels. The Networking Days have been organised since 2007 with the goal of bringing together companies in the translation sector to promote the professional and commercial development of these companies. The Networking Days are intended to bring so-called Language Service Companies who want to catch up on recent trends in the translation sector and make contact with all of the different types of people involved in this industry. Raymund Prins attended the event on behalf of Global textware.


The programme 

The programme consisted of various activities, varying from presentations and workshops to networking sessions. Raymund attended several sessions dealing with topics that are of interest to a translation agency, such as Global textware. Among others, there were presentations on continuous localisation and microtask translation workflows. These are processes that Global textware deals with on a daily basis. Another important subject in the translation sector, translation quality, was discussed in presentations about Smart Sampling (an intelligent means of checking quality) and Multidimensional Quality Metrics (a Industry standard for measuring translation quality).


ELIA Exchange 

In addition to informative sessions, Raymund also participated in a meeting of the ELIA Exchange, a branch of ELIA that works on building collaborations between translation agencies and the academic world. The goal of the ELIA Exchange is to foster communication and collaboration between the academic world and the business community. Members include Language Service Companies (that are ELIA members), universities, and students studying translation. For years now, Global textware has committed itself in this way to foster intensive collaboration between universities and translation agencies.


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