Website translation

Customer conversions are six time higher when a potential customer visitor can read the website in their own language. Thus, it should be no surprise that research shows that there is a relationship between the companies at the top of Forbes list and the number of languages on their corporate websites (Source: Common Sense Advisory, Multilingual websites).

More and more websites and webshops are available in multiple languages. Global textware is extremely proficient at translating websites into different languages. Our large network of translators allows us to quickly provide high-quality translations.




Having your website translated by a professional translation agency that uses well-trained and experienced professional translators supported by a strong IT department ensures flawless integration of technology and human translation.


An international website contributes to the success of all companies and organizations that operate at the international level. Creating the proper tone in an accurate translation that allows for local differences ensures that the other languages on your website feel like these were written by native speakers.


Website management of international content

Managing the content of a multilingual website no longer needs to be difficult and time-consuming. Modern technologies do away with the need for cutting and pasting multilingual content correctly within a CMS. Using intelligent translation software for your website frees you from worry and ensures your site will be always up to date.



  • You do not need to send files to the agency
  • Your website is always up to date
  • The translation will appear in the correct part of the website instantly
  • You can adjust the translation as desired
  • SEO (search engine optimization) friendly
  • Very economical.


SEO-friendly translation


Web text and marketing text are very important for sales-oriented websites, as are accurate translations of the product catalog and the use of the correct terminology. We work with the latest translation technology, which allows our translators to effectively and efficiently translate a variety of texts in a rapid, meticulous and price-effective manner. In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming an increasingly important issue for websites.


Translating websites using technology


Many websites are very large in size. It is often the case that certain terms or words or sentence fragments occur repeatedly. The use of translation memories allows our translators to save time with an associated cost saving. Global textware can handle many file formats, XML links and feeds, and always strives to coordinate the supply and delivery of translated text whether or not using automatic links.


Updates and changes


Updates and changes may occur rapidly. The combination of the technology we use and our professional translators allows us to quickly catch and implement changes. Your entire website is brought up to date in the other languages before you know it.


Reasons to select a translation agency


  • Ability to simultaneously keep your websites up to date in multiple languages
  • Professional, grammatically correct text
  • Localised texts with feeling for subtleties in language is much more engaging
  • An extensive network allows large complex projects to be handled rapidly and effectively
  • Project management and quality are safeguarded with strict internal standards



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