Technology & IT

Global textware started out as a translation agency specializing on the ICT sector. Technical translation is one of our areas of expertise.


Slowly but surely, we have grown into a full service translation agency in Groningen, while retaining all of our IT experience, complemented by recent developments and innovative systems (also with respect to translating) and software localisation. All compatible with any file type in IT and the ability to translate into many different languages thanks to our large network of translation professionals.


The use of standardized and automated processes makes it possible to provide translation services that are effective, efficient and consistent. Optimal use of the options made possible by automation complemented by excellent quality provided by translators ensures an end product that is of the highest quality at the most economic prices.


Consistent and efficient

Previously translated words or sentence fragments are re-used. This option is possible through the use of technology and is always evaluated by a translator. This option leads to greater consistency in the use of terminology. It also saves time and this improves the return on your investment.


Frequently requested technical translations:


  • IT sector – translation of websites, games and entertainment, software, business applications and hardware
  • Automotive – translations for the automobile industry, traffic, transport and technology
  • Maritime sector –translations for companies in the maritime sector
  • High tech engineering – international projects such as windmills, power stations, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering
  • ERP systems
  • CRM applications


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