SEO translation

Looking to achieve SEO results through an expert translation? Global textware offers high-quality, ISO-certified SEO translations. With expert linguists specialized in marketing and SEO-optimization, we are confident our service will satisfy.

SEO-translation for a modern online landscape

If content is king, SEO is its trusty advisor. Writing effective SEO texts for any given industry is an artform in itself, and its value in generating clicks (and therefore revenue) can’t be understated. The same counts for SEO translation, as the target text needs to be just as effective as the source.

Want to know just how important the role of SEO is? Just let the numbers speak for themselves:

SEO translation is just as much of an artform. A good SEO translation understands how the original was constructed, recognizing the various SEO elements built into its foundations. It requires marketing and business insight. At Global textware, we don’t underestimate the need for this insight. The linguists we assign to your tasks will have the right expertise to deliver stellar SEO results.

Boosting search ratings with industry insight

Online content is only as powerful as its potential to be found. If an article gets posted online, but no one is there to find it – does it even exist? Whether it’s the launch of an industry-defining product, or frequently-asked-questions for a piece of software, customers and users want to find the content they need fast. That’s why you need translators who know what audiences are looking for.

By being an active member of industry organizations we’re playing our part in the development of the translation landscape.

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Our SEO translators are not only experts in SEO tactics, they also come equipped with specific industry-related knowledge required to optimize online content. Whether it’s website content for an oil drilling company, or product descriptions for a new line of smart children’s toys, we make sure the linguist who tackles it knows the difference between fracking and Furbies.

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Native speakers, guaranteed

We ensure that the linguists we assign to your tasks are native speakers in the target language – no exceptions. This is the only way we can assure you that the translator knows all the ins and outs of the language, as well as current trends in the language, or preferences in tone and style amongst your target audience. This counts for translators and proofreaders alike.

Translation made possible by technology

The role of technology in the translation industry is one that cannot be understated. Whether it’s the continuing rise of Machine translation, or the plethora of CAT tools available today, we make sure to keep up to date with whatever technological trend that’s occurring.