LSO (Linguistic Sign-off)

Often offered as a package deal with our TEP-service, Global textware offers LSO services to guarantee that our deliveries are of the highest possible standard. If your client needs a 100% accurate guarantee, Global textware will make it happen.

The final step for a top-quality product

The LSO, or Linguistic Sign-off, phase of a translation can be make or break your text. Seeing the text in its finished form and layout usually offers better insight. By offering an LSO as part of our TEP-service, we are limiting how much of the translation can be left to interpretation, and eliminating the risk of unfortunate errors.

We can also offer an LSO as a separate service if you just want an extra pair of eyes. Thanks to our linguists’ keen sense for detail, we can smooth out any remaining flaws. If you want to be sure you’re delivering what your client expects, look no further. Get in touch today!

Content types with special requirements

Does your client require a translation with a specific layout, such as a presentation or interactive e-learning course ? Or are you hoping to learn whether your UI terms make sense in the context of the software? We have the industry experts who will know your target format inside out. Get in touch to find out if we have the industry expert you require.