Medical translations

A translator has a lot of general knowledge and usually also specializes in a certain field. Many of the translators working for Global textware often carry out medical translations and are very familiar with terminology used in the medical sector. This ensures that the translator can work quickly and minimizes the chance of errors.


Developments within the medical and life sciences sector sometimes occur extremely rapidly. This means that specialist translation agencies such as Global textware must also keep up to date with trends, innovations, new terminology, new research results and new applications that are used in practice. All of these subjects require clear and accurate language usage.


Having gained a lot of experience with a wide variety of projects in the medical sector, Global textware has real specialists in house who are experienced with the use of terminology within the sector and who are meticulous in their work methods. Global textware will therefore translate your medical texts carefully and accurately.


Certified quality – medical translations

When dealing with a medical translation, a good translation agency will work just that much more meticulously than with other subject matter. In particular, an expert translation may be a matter of life and death.


Examples of the types of medical translations often handled by Global textware:


  • user manuals for medical appliances
  • translation of pharmaceutical research results
  • clinical tests
  • medication leaflets
  • instruction leaflets for medical appliances
  • manuals
  • reports


Global textware is certified under ISO 9001- and 17100:2015 and is up to date with specific guidelines that are indispensible within the medical and pharmaceutical fields: the EMA guidelines and international regulations with respect to Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. This ensures that translators have substantive knowledge and when translating, they profit from the experience they have gained with medical translation work. This in turn fosters confidence in entrusting specialist translation work to Global textware.


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