Website translation

Customer conversions are six time higher when a potential customer visitor can read the website in their own language. Thus, it should be no surprise that research shows that there is a relationship between the companies at the top of Forbes list and the number of languages on their corporate websites (Source: Common Sense Advisory, Multilingual websites).


Website management of international content

The management of the content of a multilingual website no longer needs to be difficult and time-consuming. Modern technologies do away with the need for cutting and pasting multilingual content correctly within a CMS. When you use intelligent translation software for your website, it will be always up to date and you do not have to worry about it.



– You do not need to send files to the translation agency
– Your website is always up to date
– The translation will appear in the correct part of the website instantly
– You can adjust the translation as desired
– SEO (search engine optimization) friendly
– Very economical.


SEM and SEO translation

The terms “search engine optimization” (SEO) and “search engine marketing” (SEM) are often confused with each other. “Search engine marketing” is the marketing process for a website using the internet. For example, you might use paid internet marketing such as Google Adwords campaigns. The term “search engine optimization” can be a component of this marketing process, but is focused in an organized manner to make the site appear as high as possible in the results returned by a search engine. Using the search words that your clients or potential clients are most likely to use will result in your site being listed higher in the search results from Google. If you also want to reach your international target audience then it is important that your content align with the location of the users in that audience.


Our translation team has a lot of experience in translating websites. We would be happy to advise you on translating search-engine friendly texts. In addition to content, it is also important to know what the local preferences are before you publish your international website. You can also read our article “Tips for your international website.”


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