Marketing translations

Marketing translations are intended to convince the reader and differ somewhat from other forms of translation because marketing is much more about the feeling that a text conveys than a 100% one-to-one literal translation of the text.

Our translators take into account local differences in style and expressions. They ensure that when translating marketing texts the content does not change, but does allow for possible differences. This approach means that carefully drawn up marketing texts do not lose value when translated from one language to another.


Careful balance in marketing texts

The syntax and expressions in one language may be very different in another language. So, in marketing texts, it is very important to balance the preconditions ahead of time. Our project management department discusses this issue with you beforehand to ensure that it is completely clear for both sides. This also ensures that the work can be carried out in an effective and rapid manner.


Small and large projects, urgent assignments or long-term assignments

We are very, very aware that marketing translation assignments require a rapid turnaround. We are able to quickly and effectively carry out small and large assignments because we work with a fixed team of translators supplemented by professionals in a wide variety of disciplines and specialisms.


Different types of marketing translations

Within Global textware, we have a lot of experience with all kinds of marketing and PR translations. Translations with a feeling for nuance and differences between languages ensure that the text flows well and is logical for readers in another language. You are assured you will receive excellent marketing texts from Global textware that include:

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Surveys
  • Promotional and corporate videos
  • Press releases
  • Advertising materials
  • And more…


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