Legal translations

Global textware regularly translates a wide variety of legal documents. A correct and complete translation is particularly important with legal documents. Proper terminology and wording is paramount and the key element in the translation of legal documents is accuracy. Quality control of translations is a matter of course at Global textware. As a certified translation agency (ISO 9001 and  ISO 17100:2015), quality and quality assurance are also a matter of course.


Our company regularly translates the following types of legal documents to other languages (or to Dutch):

  • Legal correspondence
  • Verdicts
  • Contracts
  • Patents
  • General term & conditions
  • Sales terms and conditions
  • Sales agreements
  • Attestation
  • Apostille


From any language to any other language

At Global textware, a team of about twenty translators deliver high-quality translations on a daily basis. We also work with freelancers specialized in translating legal documents. Translations are from Dutch to a wide variety of other languages and also vice versa.


Quotations and urgent assignments

Legal documents often need to be translated quickly. As a translation agency, we regularly work under time pressure. However, this does not mean that translation quality should suffer. Streamlined processes allow us to handle assignments quickly, proficiently and professionally. We ensure that the translator with the appropriate expertise carries out the translation.




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