It is our mission to translate your products, services and ideas flawlessly, and to do so with an understanding of and respect for local markets. Whether we are translating from Dutch to English or vice versa, from Dutch into German or into one or more other languages: in all situations, correct translations are extremely important.

Tailor-made solutions

Your wishes and needs are the starting point for all translations provided by Global textware. Whether you need to translate a single document or a certified translation by a sworn translator, we can provide tailor-made solutions. All content will be carefully checked and revised using quality assurance tools.


Different fields

We have an extensive list of translators in our database and always select one that has the required knowledge and expertise in your field. This means you can be confident in engaging Global textware to handle your assignment. You are guaranteed the translation will be good. And, this is particularly important with medical translations. The most popular fields covered by us as a translation agency are:


Technology & IT

Life Sciences






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Sharp and realistic prices

Global textware translators are professionals with a passion for translation. The mission of all of our translators is to work meticulously on the translation and deliver an excellent end product. Our internal processes are well aligned and we use available technologies, which means that Global textware carries out excellent work at very competitive and realistic rates. This is possible through the use of technology and because every translation is assessed by the right translator. As a result, there is more consistency in terminology use and efficient use of time, which will both have a beneficial effect on your investment.


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