Privacy statement

At Global textware bv, proper management of your privacy-sensitive data is very important to us. This is why we process and secure personal data carefully. We handle all of your data with care and always comply with the relevant legislation and regulations. In this privacy statement, we explain what personal data we process and the purposes for which we process the data that you provide.


The purpose of collecting and processing personal data

Personal data may be provided to us so that we can present a quote for the translation services that you request. In order to perform the requested services, we may ask you to provide your personal data and the personal data of third parties.


Your personal data will be used only for the purposes for which you have provided consent. These purposes may include:

  • Performing services
  • Sending e-mails
  • Conducting market research
  • Providing information about new services
  • Sending invitations for meetings


If you do not wish to use any services or wish only to make restricted use of certain services, you can withdraw your consent.  You can withdraw your consent by sending an e-mail with “Consent withdrawal” in the subject line to this e-mail address:


The security of your personal data

Specific privacy requirements apply to our employees and freelancers for the security of your personal data. Before being hired or prior to the start of their contract, they are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


The security of your personal data is also ensured because we employ the need-to-know principle when performing a service and because access to your personal data is only granted to those persons who are actually working on your request.


Employees and freelancers are also required to report the loss of personal data as quickly as possible.


Your personal data is secured in accordance with legal requirements in writing as well as digitally. Furthermore, your personal data will not be stored for longer than necessary, unless there is a legal obligation for us to retain this personal data for longer.


Your rights under the GDPR (General Data Protection Act)

You can exercise your rights as a data subject under the GDPR via the e-mail address You have the following rights under the GDPR:

  • the right to inspect your personal data
  • the right to have your personal data removed
  • the right to have the collected and processed data corrected or restricted in its use
  • the right to data portability


We will handle your requests within the statutory time limit and make use of the legal options for honoring or denying your request(s). If we deny your request, we will provide our reasons for doing so.


Depending on the time and effort that your request requires from us, we may ask you for a small contribution to cover administrative costs.


Loss of your personal data

Global textware bv has taken measures to limit any potential loss of personal data, also known as a data leak, to an absolute minimum. If, despite all the measures taken, a data leak still occurs, whereby your personal data is lost and serious damage to your privacy can be expected, we will inform you of this without delay.



Google Analytics is used on this website However, there is no tracking at the individual level.



We will do our utmost to properly execute these regulations. However, if you find that this privacy statement is not adhered to in practice, or not adequately complied with, you can submit a complaint to us at


Dutch DPA

You can also contact the Dutch DPA if you are unhappy with how data have been handled (


Global textware bv reserves the right to amend this privacy statement in keeping with the latest developments in relation to European privacy legislation. You will find the most up-to-date version of the privacy statement on our website.  

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