Global textware has moved to Martini Trade Park

After spending over ten years at its office on Hereweg in Groningen, Global textware moved to space at the Martini Trade Park on 29 March 2021. Our new location on Leonard Springerlaan is in a rapidly developing area in what may very well become the most significant business park in Groningen. The property is situated between the lively MartiniPlaza arena and the lush greenery of the Stadspark. The office is easy to reach by public transportation and close to an exit on the Groningen ring road.

Farewell to our old office

Last week, we said goodbye to our old office on Hereweg, where Global textware grew into the established name in the translation sector that it is today. The transition from an old, Dutch-style warehouse in Groningen city center to the office on Hereweg in 2010 was already symbolic of our professional development as a business, and over the past ten years, we have continued making progress in the right direction. Our revenue has grown steadily and continuously with time, which meant that the size of our staff had to grow as well: from roughly 20 people in 2010 to around 35 in 2021. These past years were also spent refining and organizing our work methods into the standardized, professional process that we use today. Our ISO certifications are a testament to this development as well as proof positive to our clients that their satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We may have changed offices, but Global textware is still the trusted translation partner that it was on Hereweg.

The new office

There were some things that we were more than happy to say goodbye to, like the office layout. Our new accommodation boasts several office spaces connected by a long corridor that starts in a charming, multi-functional “living room”. However, the space has a very open feel to it, because all the offices have glass walls. The new office is roughly the same size as the previous one, because we anticipate that working remotely will remain the standard — or at least a significant part of it — for some time.

A fresh start

For Global textware, the new office represents a fresh start as well. The world is guaranteed to change, and the translation sector is guaranteed to change even faster. This is why we feel it is wise to assume that our work will also change in the not-so-distant future. But with all that change, you can rest assured that, in this globalizing world, the importance of multilingual content is only going to grow with time. The language specialists at Global textware may very well be in greater demand than ever before!

As you may have already noticed, we completely overhauled our house style this year: new look, new logo, and a sleek, modern website. After all that hard work, we would love it if you took a look!

Would you like to visit our new office? Or are you just interested in knowing where we are now? Our new address is: Leonard Springerlaan 9K, 9727 KB in Groningen.

(This article is translated from Dutch by Domenick Signorella)