Global textware Celebrates 25 Years of Business | Time for New Leadership

1997 – 2022
25 Years of Excellent Localization Services

This year marks 25 years since the foundation of Global textware. With only a few enthusiastic linguists, we began our first translations in the IT domain in 1997. This is still the core of our work today, although we have added many more domains in recent decades. And the handful of linguists has grown into a company with 35 employees, spread across various departments.

25 years is a very good reason to celebrate, and we certainly intend to do so. Let’s hope that the prevailing pandemic will soon make room for appropriate festivities. We hope we can invite our customers, suppliers and employees as soon as possible!

New Leadership at Global textware

At the same time this is the moment for change. Change in management.

The family business is ready for the next generation. Since Thomas Prins took his first steps in the company more than 10 years ago, he has gone through almost every department – from production to vendor management and sales. After achieving degrees in both Accountancy and Business Administration, he is ready for the next step and will take over the daily management from Raymund Prins.

This is a big change for the company and also a learning curve for Thomas to get to know all the trades in the business. In the next few years Raymund will be involved in the company to guide Thomas and teach him all he needs to know. Therefore, Raymund and Thomas will run the company together for the next couple of years in order to keep Global textware running as your established reliable partner in localization services. Needless to say, nothing will change in the services and collaboration with all partners of Global textware.

We’re proud to celebrate the fact the company will remain within the family, which is a beautiful culmination of 25 years of hard work. Because it confirms that Global textware really is a family business.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!