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Last month we welcomed five new colleagues to our team. Svetlana Been and Gisela Staal-Kooistra have joined the vendor and sales teams in the roles of vendor manager and commercial director respectively. Svetlana will be responsible for maintaining, expanding and carrying out quality controls on all suppliers who work on our translation projects. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” are the words that inspired Svetlana to take this new career path and join Global textware.


With Gisela’s arrival, we have every confidence that we will achieve our growth ambitions over the coming years. Gisela is an old friend of Global textware, having returned to us following a three-year absence. She therefore has a good understanding of the market in which Global textware operates.


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”


The production team has also received reinforcements in the person of Linda Bisschop-Brontsema, Fer Dillema and Roeland Bentvelzen. Fer and Linda have joined us as project managers − a role in which they find it a challenge to bring every translation job to a successful conclusion. And with the completion of his translation training, Roeland has the right foundation for his role as a translator. All three are able to share their passion for language in their everyday work. “A passion that was already there from a young age”, says Fer.


We warmly welcome Fer, Gisela, Linda, Roeland and Svetlana as new colleagues and wish them every success in and hope they enjoy their new roles.


Welkom nieuwe collega's Global textware













From left to right: Fer, Linda, Svetlana, Gisela en Roeland



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