Telecommunications translations

Global textware provides translations for innovative telecom companies across the globe. From the technical documentation to the content for a webshop, we’re involved with every step of the process to translate your telecom content.

From clear technical manuals to snazzy webshops

There are many phases involved in the production of mobile phones: the product development (R&D), the supply chain, the production, the shipping, and the Sales department. Many of these processes take place abroad. All these various departments and external parties need to be able to communicate effectively with one another. Global textware is the ideal translation partner for these companies. Not only for internal communication, such as technical manuals, financial report, or partnership agreements. But we also handle all outward communication to the rest of the world, such as folders, websites, webshops, or press releases.

SEO translations: for achieving sales in local markets

The newest smartphone, the most advanced gaming system, or the greatest surround sound speakers. You might be convinced your new product will take the world by storm. But how do you convince the consumer of this? And, more importantly, how do they find your product in the first place? You can increase your chances of achieving success in local markets by taking into account the online behavior of your local consumers. In other words: an SEO translation. Global textware offers marketing translators specialized in SEO, who can adjust your translation to key search terms used by your target audience. Above all, they are excellent linguists who know exactly how to get your message across to international consumers.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

The linguists at Global textware have experience with a range of telecom translations, such as:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Smartphones
  • Network appliances
  • Alarm systems
  • Cyber security
  • Audio and video
  • Gaming

Other specializations we offer: