Software translations

Global textware provides software translations for the biggest suppliers worldwide. We handle translations from the development phase to the final release and can offer translation support for additional materials such as manuals and websites.

From easy-to-navigate UI to detailed annual reports

Global textware has a huge network of linguists, packed with translators who can handle any kind of specialized text. Maybe you want to translate the UI content during the software development phase. Or maybe you’ll need a website to promote your new product. Perhaps you’ll be showing off your product’s success in an annual report. Companies that operate internationally need to have every single text translated to the languages spoken in your target markets. Global textware has extensive experience with translating various types of content within a software development company. From technical content, such as UI, to financial, and even legal texts.

Software localization: Offering customized support to local markets

During the software localization process you don’t just convert the original text into another language. You also make sure to adjust the content itself to the customs of a specific culture, country, or area. Localization goes one step further than translation when it comes to software. Sometimes it can be as simple as the notation of currencies and measurements. Sometimes it can go as far as adjusting the use of color or images to match the expectations of the audience. Global textware has translation specialists who know all the ins and outs of local languages and cultures. For a translation that’s not only free of language mistakes, but also prevents a potential cultural faux pas, get in touch with Global textware.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Global textware is, and has always been, a technical translation agency at heart. With the rise of computer software and the associated manuals, also came an increase in demand for translations of said manuals. Throughout the years we have adapted a great number of software products for the Dutch market. This means we have gathered a network of linguists who have detailed knowledge of software jargon and “techspeak”. The linguists at Global textware have experience with, amongst others:

  • ERP systems
  • CRM software
  • Medical software
  • Office support and HR software
  • Mobile apps
  • E-learning platforms

Other specializations at Global textware: