Social media translations

Global textware provides translations for the most influential social media giants worldwide. From the design and development phase to the website and marketing, we’re involved with all translations aimed at local markets.

From critical UI texts to clear-cut Terms and Conditions

Social media companies are amongst the biggest and most powerful organizations in the world. These companies produce texts to communicate with their users like a non-stop conveyor belt. Whether it’s new UI content, updates in the Terms and Conditions, or a new privacy statement – Global textware offers their translation services for every aspect of the social media production line. We offer software translators for the UI, legal translators for the Terms and Conditions and privacy statements, and marketing translators for the newsletters and ad campaigns.

A fast-paced service for a fast-paced media outlet

At its core, social media is like fastfood. Quick impressions, instant gratification and “snackable” content is what keeps users hooked, and coming back for more. Social media is also always changing, and constantly adapting to its users’ needs and desires. In our professional opinion, translations for social media should match this speed. Global textware has no problem keeping up. Our translation agency is set up to process a constant stream of translations, and can deliver as and when the client requires – without endangering quality. Because despite the cornucopia of social media content out there, we still appreciate the value in “quality over quantity”.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Global textware has been involved in social media translations for years. Within the sphere of social media, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Social networks
  • Business networks
  • Instant messaging

Other specializations at Global textware: