Information Technology (IT) translations

Global textware provides translations for leading companies in the Information Technology (IT) industry worldwide. We handle translations for local markets throughout the entire business process – from the programming and development phase to the final business pitch.

From intuitive UI to attractive websites

Updates are part of the daily grind for IT-companies. A new release, a new version, a bug fix, or an entirely new product – the process never stops. Changes within IT-solutions are moving more rapidly than ever, and the competition is increasingly stiff. Constantly renewing products and services also increases the demand for translations of new content. Deadlines are tight, and often follow a strict and rigid procedure. Global textware is the ideal translation partner for this type of content, from UI to marketing to financial documentation. We make translating IT content quick, easy and fit-for-purpose.

Technical translations, made possible by technology

The rapid development of the IT-industry benefits Global textware in two ways. Firstly, it offers us the opportunity to deliver exciting, fast-paced translations for IT-related content. Secondly, this rapid development has produced the kind of software and technology that make our lives as translators easier. Smart translation software, complete with translation memories and terminology management. Programming tools to help us tinker with APIs, allowing us to help our clients as efficiently as possible. And don’t forget the biggest technological advancement to hit the translation industry: machine translation. The increasingly sophisticated machine translation tools allow us to develop a whole new service: post-editing, the human counterpart to machine translation. Combining the forces of technology and the expert eyes of a human translator, we offer IT-companies a complete and detailed translation service, as fast and as cheap as possible. And who doesn’t like fast and cheap?

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Global textware was started in a time when the world was going through a massive digitalization period. Our first years as a company were almost solely aimed at supporting this development. IT-companies started offering their products and services to broader audiences, including new countries. Global textware played an essential role in this process for the Dutch market. Together with our faithful clients we have grown alongside this rapid development, learning essential lessons every step of the way. Nowadays, we can proudly say we represent the top IT-translation specialist for the Dutch language. Within the world of IT and software, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Computer software
  • Computer hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Digital foundations
  • Cyber safety and privacy
  • Cloud-based services
  • Graphic software
  • Social media
  • Consumer electronics

Other specializations at Global textware: