Engineering translations

Global textware provides translations for the biggest building, construction and engineering companies worldwide. We handle translations for local markets throughout the entire business process – from legal contracts and agreements to entire websites.

From clear-cut technical manuals to insightful e-learning modules

Whether you’re a consumer or an engineer, everyone wants their experience with industrial products and services to be a positive one. The technical documentation and user manual play a large role in this experience. But digital content also offers support, like how-to videos on your website or e-learning courses for industry professionals. At Global textware, you can count on us to handle all the content that needs to be spread worldwide. From technical documents to company documentation, such as website texts and marketing content. Then there’s the financial and admin paperwork, and of course we can’t forget legal documents, such as patents. We can translate it all.

Translators with a keen eye for health and safety

At every construction site and within every industrial organization, the safety of workers is paramount. How can you operate the most complex and powerful machines man has produced, in a way that’s both safe and efficient? One way is to study the technical documentation and manuals – preferably in your mother tongue. Another is to follow an online course. Global textware offers talented translators who are specialized in the most diverse industrial applications. This enables users of machinery to educate themselves using materials written in their own language. This, in turn, guarantees a safe and secure environment.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Global textware has extensive experience with the typical kinds of documents that play a role in the engineering industry. We have tackled everything from heavy machinery, to tool production, to industrial design software. The linguists at Global textware have experience with, amongst others:

  • Immovable goods
  • Building materials
  • Office- and stockroom supplies
  • Packaging materials
  • Aviation industry
  • Water supply and air-conditioning technology
  • Industrial machinery
  • Metalworking industry
  • Tools
  • Design software

Other specializations at Global textware: