Electronics translations

Global textware provides translations for the most groundbreaking and innovative suppliers of electronics, worldwide. From the initial design to the moment of purchase, you can count on us for electronics translations that serve the entire process.

From faultless technical specifications to enticing promo folders

The electronics market is at the forefront of technology. This is where the newest, most advanced, most innovative products are produced – and the competition is fierce. Your content, from the user manual to nationwide ad campaigns, needs just as much attention as the product itself. After all, a small error in a manual, a frustrating website user interface, or an embarrassing mistranslation on a promo poster can be the crucial factor that turns customers away. Producing all the documentation required is lot of work in itself. How can you ensure this level of quality across multiple languages? Just call in Global textware. We can process al the various types of content that are part of the business cycle for an electronics company. We have extensive experience with manuals, marketing translations, website translations, financial translations and legal translations. We aim to help companies every step of the way on the path to success.

Our ISO certificates represent an approach to working where we aim for constant improvement of our services, and always put the client first.

Stefan Prins, Marketing

Specialized translators for manual translations

Electronic equipment, both for domestic and business purposes, requires an instructional manual. Preferably in all the languages of countries where the product is sold. Every manual features recurring, standard phrases, such as “Plug the cable into the socket” or “Press the on/off button”. However, each manual will also contain terms that are related to the specific product. Our translators are accustomed to the standard terminology of a manual, but also have a deep level of insight in the world of electronics. This way, they can interpret and handle just about any electronics translation in the industry.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

After more than two decades of translating, we can confidently state that we’re experienced in the world of electronic appliances. Within the sphere of electronics, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • (Mobile) Telephones
  • Cameras and photography
  • Televisions and screen technology
  • Measuring equipment
  • Energy monitoring and sustainable technology
  • Computer hardware
  • Domestic appliances

Other specializations at Global textware: