Automotive translations

Global textware provides translations for the biggest automotive suppliers worldwide. From the design and development phase to production and marketing, we’re involved with all automotive translations aimed at local markets.

From clear-cut workshop instructions to flashy brochures

Global textware offers a full and inclusive service for any company operating in the automotive industry. And when we say inclusive we mean inclusive; we can handle any industry content you throw at us. From texts that are integral to the development phase, such as health and safety instructions for your workshop, to marketing texts for your newest ad campaign – we got you covered. We can also assume responsibility of the entire documentation of a company for a specific locale. And why wouldn’t you entrust your entire portfolio for a single market to a single translation partner? It’s the most efficient option for a consistent translation, as your translation partner will get to know the content through and through. Plus you can always rely on them to handle large volumes, no questions asked.

Technical documentation requires technical know-how – that’s why we only enlist translators with the specialist knowledge required to handle automotive translations. These linguists don’t need any handholding when it comes to deciphering the various parts of any given motorized vehicle. And most importantly, they have mastered the technical terminology necessary to tackle any technical translation.

Should you require content for a company website, or promo material for a marketing campaign, we’ll enlist a suitable marketing translator with an affinity for the industry. These translators will know the right tone to use, and will offer creative solutions for linguistic dilemmas. Additionally, they will know what appeals to their local market. In short, we offer specialized translators for every phase of the business process.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Since our company started in 1997 we have gradually become specialized in translating for the automotive industry. Within this sphere, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Personal vehicles, busses, and trucks
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery
  • Cranes and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Industrial machinery
  • Electric cars and charging stations

Other specializations at Global textware: