Pharmaceutical medicine

Global textware provides translations for innovative pharmaceutical companies across the globe. From the initial product development stage to Instructions For Use, we’re involved with every step of the process of pharmaceutical translations.

From clear labelling to informative inserts

People prefer to digest information in their own language. Sometimes this isn’t a matter of preference, but necessity. Labels and inserts for medicine packaging need to be available in the official language of the country where the product is distributed. As a translation agency we enable effective communication with the patient is by translating such labels and inserts. We ensure they are factually correct and easy to understand for any patient. As an ISO-certified translation company, we guarantee our clients a professional translation service. This way patients all over the world can be sure they’re using their medication correctly and safely.

At Global textware we value personal contact with our freelance linguists. Together, we form a formidable team that supports each other.

Svetlana Been, Vendor Manager

Inserts translated in accordance with the EMA guidelines

Translating inserts is a craft. There is no room for mistakes. That’s why Global textware only uses specialized translators to translate inserts. Not only do we require pharmaceutical knowledge, we demand a proven track record of their experience with translating inserts. Additionally, we carefully follow the rules and guidelines set by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European umbrella organization for pharmaceutical supervision. For instance, we translate inserts in accordance with the structure and regulations that are described in the most recent EMA-template.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Within the sphere of pharmaceutics, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Development of medicines
  • Production of medicines
  • (Bio) Pharmaceutical medicines
  • Infection prevention
  • Sports medication

Other specializations at Global textware: