Travel and tourism

Global textware provides translations for the biggest players in the global tourism industry. We’re there for every part of the journey, from travel brochures to flight booking websites – we offer translations throughout the entire user journey.

From efficient booking software to wanderlust-inducing brochures

Well-written texts play a large role in the tourism business. Think of brochures, both physical and online, that inspire your next exciting trip. Or websites, that help you find information on itineraries, transport, and hotels. And what about webshops that offer supplies and gear for your upcoming trip? This is arguably the best part about preparing for your next holiday. You might be surprised to discover the complex software that hides behind the booking and reservation platforms and systems. Global textware has experience with every aspect of travel and tourism. We offer website translators for travel agencies, marketing translators for folders and brochures, and software translators for booking and reservation systems. We can even handle more corporate-related documents at Global textware: our legal and financial translators are at your service.

The free-spirited translator: transcreation

We associate travel with freedom, adventure, and free spirits. Who doesn’t enjoy leafing through travel brochures, feeling inspired by all the endless possibilities of choosing your next trip? That’s why we appreciate the fact that certain travel and tourism translations, such as folders and websites, require a creative touch. Offering the translator the freedom to let their imagination run free inspires the readers to do the same. Attempting a literal translation of riveting travel content often results in unappealing texts. Opting for a transcreation service rather than a bog-standard translation enables the translator to add their own personal spice to a text while retaining its core message. This increases your chances of appealing to consumers, and sell the ideal vacation.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

When it comes to travel and tourism translations, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Travel organizations
  • Logistics providers
  • Commercial airline industry
  • Commercial maritime travel
  • Booking systems
  • Outdoor sports and camping gear

Other specializations at Global textware: