Global textware provides translations for popular gaming companies worldwide. From the initial concept to the technical realization, and from the business proposals to the content marketing – we handle gaming translations for local markets.

From convincing business pitches to spectacular websites

Video games. Once the laughing stock of the entertainment world, now one of the largest players in the media landscape. It’s among the most popular pastimes for many people. And with popularity comes demand. The development of video games has become a serious and distinguished profession. It demands complex, advanced software, phenomenal graphics, and layered plots and storylines. Whether you’re a supplier in the games industry, or actively developing games, Global textware offers the best translation solutions for everyone. And that counts for the entire business process. We have technical translators for the developer documentation, software translators for the UI, and creative transcreators for the storyline and marketing content. We can handle every part of gaming translations.

At Global textware we value personal contact with our freelance linguists. Together, we form a formidable team that supports each other.

Svetlana Been

Ultimate gaming experiences through transcreation

You might assume that English is the go-to language of the gaming world. Yet, it might surprise you that there is a huge demand for localized games, so gamers all across the world can enjoy gaming in their own language. Even more important for the gaming experience is being able to play within your own cultural framework. This is why a creative, human touch is required. For this purpose, we would always recommend a transcreation service for gaming translations, as opposed to standard translation. Transcreation can go as far as you’d like. From translating all the texts, adjusting graphics, rerecording voiceovers, to amending the storylines to better suit cultural expectations. The translators at Global textware are well-versed in local cultures and customs so that we don’t just translate the game. We can go the extra mile by advising how the game could be altered to suit the tastes of the target audience in any given culture.

Reap the benefits of over 20 years of experience

Within the world of gaming, our translators have built up experience translating for, among other areas:

  • Game development
  • Visual Computing Solutions
  • Augmented Reality
  • Educational games
  • Game consoles

Other specializations at Global textware: