Global Textware welcomes Sanne de Boer


Sanne de BoerIn January, the Global textware team grew even stronger with the arrival of Sanne de Boer as our new project manager. Sanne recently returned home to the Netherlands after living in London and found her way to Global textware while looking for a new job. The project manager position at a translation agency is also rather well suited to her previous studies and work experience. After earning her master’s in Writing, Editing and Mediating, Sanne worked as a production editor at a publishing company and as a project manager for a business that developed education programs.


In addition to her passion for language, she will incorporate this relevant work experience into how she manages translation projects at Global textware. Even though she has only had experience with announcing and assigning translation work, Sanne is a seasoned professional when it comes to project management and overseeing complex production processes. With that background, Global textware is more than confident that she will fit right in with our team and have not trouble successfully managing translation projects. What does Sanne expect from the job? Working on interesting translations, building good relationships with clients, suppliers, and colleagues, and of course, working with the latest translation software.


In her spare time, Sanne is practically obsessed with fitness, especially weightlifting. She is also a dog lover (and hopes that she can adopt one soon) and enjoys writing.


Sanne’s motto (by way of J.M.Barrie):


“It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.” 

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