Global textware to GALA in Munich

From Sunday, March 24th to Wednesday, March 27th, the 11th annual GALA conference will be held in Munich this year. GALA’s conferences provide an excellent opportunity for all those involved in the translation industry to discuss the latest developments in the field. The presentations, keynote speeches, workshops, and other interactions are all excellent times to exchange information and ideas, meet with new and existing colleagues in the profession, and acquire new contacts. It makes sense that the slogan for this conference is the language of business, the business of language. On behalf of Global Textware, Raymund Prins and Thomas Prins will travel to Munich to attend.

During the 11th edition of the conference, the latest technological developments will be on the agenda, of course. For example, Brett Frischman’s keynote speech is about the relationship between man and technology. But it focuses on one question in particular: to what extent do digital technologies influence everyday life and how does this affect people? Outisde of this philosophical contribution, there will be plenty of attention dedicated to practice. What do developments in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) mean for the translation agency? How do we turn post-editing into a win-win situation for both the translation agency and the freelancer?

Raymund and Thomas are eagerly looking forward to the conference. In addition to developing ideas about the issues above, they also hope to meet interesting colleagues and other parties involved in the translation industry.

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