Global textware heads to Eulogia 2019

We’ve been preparing for weeks, but now the time is finally here: all the member countries of Eulogia will be gathering for the annual Eulogia meetup in Budapest for three days of learning, networking, workshops and the odd glass of pálinka. The topic for 2019 is project management, so we’re gearing up to learn all about efficiency, communication, and how to prepare our companies for upcoming changes in the industry.



Who or what is Eulogia?

Before we delve into the details of what we’ll be discussing, let’s provide some background information. Eulogia is an alliance of translation agencies with one goal in mind: the sharing of experiences from the “field” and thus the improving of our translation services. The participating agencies are mainly from European countries, with one company representing one country within the organization. These companies are handpicked for their unique contribution to Eulogia, which hopes to open up channels of communication between translation agencies and further positive developments within the industry.


What are we hoping to achieve at Eulogia?

The aim of these annual conferences is to share experiences (good and bad), expertise (new ways of working, new improvements to the production process), and technology developments (making sure we’re always on top of the latest changes in translation tech). And besides all that, each of us just loves language, and who doesn’t want to share their passion with likeminded people?


Eulogia’s mission is as follows:


“Eulogia’s mission is to improve knowledge, experience and expertise in the language sector and therefore enable its members to work to the very highest levels of collaboration and best practice within the translation industry.”


What’s on the menu?

We’re looking forward to learning from our partners in the field. Some of the subjects we’ll be discussing include building and nurturing healthy working relationships with our freelancers, how to improve our communication methods over email, the soft skills required to be a good project manager, and how to grow our client accounts through upselling. On top of that we’ll be receiving top class workshops in CAT tools and other translation-specific software.


We will also be representing Global textware with a presentation on the effect of Machine Translation (MT) on a Project Manager’s approach to managing translation jobs. We will be examining the global impact on the industry and how this trickles down to the Project Manager, including their day-to-day tasks but also their approaches to work, linguists and clients.


Lake Balaton excursion

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be finish off the week with a hiking weekend at the breathtakingly gorgeous Lake Balaton to celebrate the 25th anniversary meetup of Eulogia.


We can’t wait to put all our new knowledge to use, to continue providing the high quality service we aim to achieve as a company. We’ll be checking in after we touch back down on Dutch soil to share our highlights of the trip.



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