Global textware attends LocWorld Portugal

“Go Global, Be Global” is this year’s theme at LocWorld Portugal, the leading conference for international translation and localization companies hoping to achieve global success. We will be attending this exciting event, the 40th anniversary of the conference, over the next few days in Estoril. We’re looking forward to a number of interesting topics on the agenda – for example, what is involved in offering your product or service in a different or new market? How do you make sure you surpass your local competitors? In other words, how can we go global?


The latest developments and best practices for global business tactics are up for discussion at LocWorld Portugal, and we look forward to challenging ourselves. Because to achieve true international impact goes way beyond your online presence and your channels of communication (website, webshop, brochures, YouTube content etc). We’re looking forward to exploring new and exciting approaches.


Amazon, Expedia, Salesforce and many others

Aside from the large translation agencies, there will be many global brands attending this world-renowned conference. We’re curious to learn what hurdles these companies face in terms of localization. How have these companies streamlined their multilingual processes, what can we take away from their mistakes and successes, and can we play a role in these processes?


We’re particularly interested to find out how these global brands take care of their multi-language content, from their webshops to their customer support service. The big question to ask is what smart approaches and technologies are being used to keep multilingual content up to date 24/7 – also referred to as “continuous localization”. This continuous, round-the-clock updating process is a large trend within the industry, and in high demand with the big names in tech – certainly worth keeping an eye on.


We will be taking home our “best lessons learned” from LocWorld Portugal, so that we’ll be aware of what services are being requested by our clients and we can continue to serve them at the best of our abilities. With the Global Roots and Global Approach from Global textware, you can be assured you’re working with a top player in the industry!


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