Website translations

With several billion websites online, it is difficult to stand out to an international audience. However, we make it possible with professionally translated content that truly speaks to the target audience. Global textware offers excellent, high-quality website translations with SEO in mind.

Optimized websites for international audiences

What are the most important aspects one has to consider when writing content for a website or webshop? It needs to be easy to read, easy to find, and attractive to its audience.

A website’s ranking on Google depends on many factors, but the use of language is certainly a crucial one. If you want to be found in a certain country, you need to speak that country’s language(s). It’s as simple as that. Therefore, a website translation is inevitable should you want to address an international audience. However, it cannot just be a machine-translated website text that has gone through a half-hearted round of post-editing.

No, the translation needs to be good. In order to be found, it needs to cater to the search terms that people use online. In order to actually drive conversions on the website, it is important to get visitors to trust the authenticity of the text. This means the website needs to be localized rather than merely translated. It needs to speak to the audience and invite them to stay and take a look at the different parts of the website. In order to achieve this, one has to consider that people are more likely to trust websites that appear to have originally been written in their own language. The right tone of voice and use of language create a desirable feeling of familiarity, comfort, and to some extent, even competence.

We’re preparing ourselves for a future where globalisation, internationalisation, and faster services become increasingly important.

Raymund Prins, CEO

Native speakers guarantee the best translations

It is clear that, in order to reach the audience, you need to optimize your translated website for the users abroad. This is least difficult for someone who lives in the country that the website should be translated for, since they have inside knowledge of the target audience’s language use. It also increases the website’s findability online, as the user may use certain expressions that are not known by translators who grew up somewhere other than the target country or region. At Global textware, all translators are native speakers of the target language and are familiar with the translation of websites and webshops.

Keyword-optimization for higher rankings

Aside from a native, natural translation, it is just as crucial to adapt to your users’ online behavior. For example: what keywords are they entering in search engines to find what they’re looking for? A keyword analysis needs to be carried out in order to find these words – it does not suffice to simply translate the keywords of the source text, as the users may use entirely different keywords to find the same content.

Since search-engine optimization (SEO) has always been of tremendous importance for websites and webshops, Global textware’s website translators have gained years of experience in selecting the right keywords. And if the text requires extraordinary keywords that you would like us to take a closer look at, we are happy to do so!