Marketing translations

Bringing the right message across is the most important aspect of all marketing efforts. Global textware is experienced in adapting marketing materials for international audiences – always with the indispensable local touch.

Marketing material that speaks to your international target audience

Marketing activities connect an organization with its audience. It is essential to address international target groups appropriately and convincingly – in their own language. Global textware works with translators who have years of experience localizing creative content for the Dutch language.

Professional translations with a creative touch

Marketing translations are unlike any other content type. They can be humorous, emotional, or even serious. Our specialized marketing linguists add the creative touch a marketing translation with requires to be successful abroad. A funny advertisement written for an American audience may not immediately work in the Netherlands. One first has to identify the core message and the brand image, and then modify them for the Dutch audience. This is only possible with thorough experience in the field and an excellent understanding of both languages. Our Marketing translators meet both criteria and continuously provide translations that stand out to the target audience abroad.

Our project managers have extensive knowledge of the translation industry, as well as linguistic insight. They’re happy to help you with any translation request.

Sanne de Boer, Project Manager

Translation, localization, transcreation and copywriting – what is it you need?

Marketing material comes in all sizes and forms, a “one size fits all” approach is neither possible nor desirable. Be it a mere translation of a simple marketing text, the localization of a message to a specific target audience, or even a transcreation of material to an audience that otherwise would not understand it; Global textware has specialists for everything marketing related.

Among the hundreds of experienced translators at our company we can always find the one who is perfect for the task at hand. Global textware even works with professional copywriters who can interpret the core message of a text and craft a beautiful brand new text in their native language.

Experienced in the translation of many content types

Global textware has many years of experience with marketing translations in all forms, and can find a suitable translator for almost any kind of marketing material. Here are our most frequently translated content types:

  • Websites, webshops
  • Blogs
  • Subtitles (and corporate videos)
  • Advertisements
  • Surveys
  • Company presentations
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Vacancies
  • Helpdesk material