Manual translations

Manuals need to be easily understood by the reader, there is no room for different interpretations. The specialized translators at Global textware reliably fulfill these criteria with foolproof precision.

Manuals translated with precision

The importance of high-quality manual translations should not be underestimated. Manuals are the link between individuals and machines, and a single wrong word can lead to a disastrous outcome. The translated version of the manual has to be just as carefully crafted as the original. Its instructions need to be just as precise and clear for any user.

Ever since Global textware was founded in 1997, our agency has been focused on the translation of user manuals for the IT industry. This means we’ve easily translated thousands of manuals over the years. Besides this, our combination of a large specialized network of manual translators for many industries, and their access to supporting translation software, has proven to result in reliable high-quality manuals.

Our ISO certificates represent an approach to working where we aim for constant improvement of our services, and always put the client first.

Stefan Prins, Sales & Marketing

Specialized translators

At Global textware, our manual translators are very familiar with the industry the manual belongs to. This means they know the target audience and can translate the text with them in mind. They know whether it is appropriate to use highly technical terminology or whether it should best be kept as simple as possible. They also know of the importance of measurements and can, when necessary, adapt imperial units to the metric system (and vice versa, of course) without introducing errors. In short, our native speakers are competent in terms of both language and content.

Certified technical solutions that increase the accuracy of translations

The translation of manuals is highly technical and requires the highest level of precision. And whenever accuracy is required, one can make use of machine translations that provide the linguist with a pre-translated text that builds the basis for the translation. The linguist improves the quality of the pre-translated manual and adapts it to the target audience wherever necessary.

This method ensures a good translation, but it also saves money. While Post-editing still requires several rounds of revision, the amount of manual translation work usually decreases. As a translation agency with the ISO 18587 certificate for Post-Editing and the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management, Global textware is perfectly suited to translate all kinds of manuals to the highest standard.