Financial translations

Financial translations cannot be taken lightly. That’s why Global textware always delivers certified high-quality translations of financial documents.

A must for financial translations: carefully chosen words and accurate content

When it comes to financial translations, accuracy needs to be a given. When translating financial documents for international governments or other stakeholders, there is no space for errors. In fact, a single misinterpretation or transcription mistake could have major legal consequences. At Global textware, we are taking the necessary measures to avoid such consequential mistranslations.

As an ISO-certified agency, we have a standardized translation process and several quality assurance checks. All this to ensure the accuracy of the translations of our clients’ financial material.

Our ISO certificates represent an approach to working where we aim for constant improvement of our services, and always put the client first.

Stefan Prins, Sales & Marketing

Optimal results through human-machine cooperation

The importance of correct financial translations cannot be overstated. Knowing this, Global texware works with CAT-tools that erase the need to manually transfer numbers. By automating this process, the human susceptibility to errors is completely erased. This ensures the accuracy of the numbers – but of course we don’t stop there. To ensure the use of accurate terminology, Global textware only employs financial translators that meet the criteria of being both a native speaker of the target language and experienced with the financial sector.

IFRS accounting standards – a must know for all financial translators

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are of importance to every multinational company in existence. Which means they are also important to every financial translator. All the financial translators at Global textware are familiar with the IFRS accounting standards for multinationals, and translate financial texts in accordance with these guidelines.

Because our translators know what to consider in their translation, their linguistic output is always of the same high quality as the carefully prepared original financial document.
We are happy to translate the following kinds of financial documents:

  • Management reports
  • Appraisals
  • Project applications
  • Tenders
  • Other annual reports and accounts