Business correspondence translations

Internationally active companies require more than just marketing and legal translations. Their communication with partners, divisions or subsidiaries abroad also require attention. Global textware’s skilled translators can localize a company’s entire business correspondence.

Professional translation of every kind of business correspondence

Business correspondence is a broad term. It includes everything from correspondence with other organizations to sales correspondence and internal communication. Each of the three areas of business correspondence may require a translation. It might be to communicate with the local government, your intermediary abroad, or with all your employees – including the ones in other countries.

Global textware is highly experienced in the translation of business correspondence. As a ISO-certified translation agency working with specialized translators we can ensure the high quality of our business translations.

At Global textware we value personal contact with our freelance linguists. Together, we form a formidable team that supports each other.

Svetlana Been, Vendor Manager

Specialized translators to your service

At Global textware, we are specialized in the creation of translations for companies. As such, we work with more than a thousand linguists, all of whom are skilled in the translation of texts for businesses. This means that business correspondence is a frequently requested area of expertise. We can provide companies with the right translator for their industry and the required kind of business correspondence.

This, in combination with our ISO certificates for quality management (ISO 9001) and the translation service management system (ISO 17100), puts us in a position where we can ensure the quality of our business correspondence translations in all forms.

Numbers don’t lie

Global textware’s linguists have already produced thousands of business correspondence translations! These include:

Internal correspondence:

  • between divisions placed in different countries

External correspondence:

  • with the government
  • with partner organizations such as suppliers, vendors, and prospective clients
  • with other stakeholders

Sales correspondence in all forms, for example:

  • marketing letters/e-mails
  • invoices
  • sales reports
  • letters of authorization
  • purchase orders and order confirmations

Internal communication, for example:

  • announcements to the staff of an international company