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You’ve got a passion for language, and you’ve finally achieved your dream of becoming a professional translator. You’re driven, and you’re not satisfied until your translation is perfect. You never settle for second best. And now you’re looking for a translation agency that can match you in terms of professionalism and reliability. A new business partner that can help you to grow, but offers that personal touch and friendly communication that makes work a little bit more fun. If we just described you to a T, we’re a perfect match!

Global textware values the collaboration with translators as an important partnership that we’re proud of upholding. We love to express our appreciation for our translators, and we will always let you know how important your work is to us. Together we can celebrate our successes, and provide feedback to improve each other’s role in this partnership.

What do we excel at?

  • Personal contact: We’re interested in you and who you are. Don’t be shocked if our Vendor Manager remembers your birthday or sends you a get well card when you’ve got the flu.
  • Events and activities: We organize various activities throughout the year, either to provide information and guidance to our linguists, or simply to celebrate their contribution and get to know them better. After all, there’s a person behind the screen, and the value of face-to-face contact can’t be overstated. And what about our annual Freelancer Day? Finally a day where you’re give the attention and appreciation you deserve.
  • Variety: We offer a plethora of different texts and task types. Are you a real creative mind? Or does your interest lie in technical translations? We have plenty of unique assignments that will give you the opportunity to shine.
  • Licenses: We offer free-of-charge access to a number of translation tools, including MemoQ, so you can get started without hitting a paywall.
  • Freelancer portal: We have developed a platform that makes accepting tasks and organizing your workload easier. You can respond to job invitations, create invoices, access reference files, and lots more.

What do you excel at?

  • Background: You’ve completed an academic translation or language-related course and can easily apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical environment.
  • Experience: You’ve got at least two years of experience as a freelance translator, and you can proudly represent the work you’ve completed so far.
  • Grammar and spelling: We don’t even need to say it – you’ve mastered the source and target languages down to the very last letter.
  • Technology: You’re comfortable using translation tools such as MemoQ. Easy-peasy.
  • Punctuality: Deadlines are a “no questions asked” kind of deal for you. You know how to realize tight deadlines and when to raise the alarm should issues arise.

Have we convinced you that we’re the partner for you? Register now to become a freelance translator for Global textware. After you register our Vendor Manager Stefan will be in touch as soon as possible to sort out the details. After that, you can get started on exciting and interesting translation jobs for renowned international clients.

Which new heights will we reach with you on board?