Self-Managing Organization Project

The entire staff of Global Textware met and decided to introduce an innovative self-managing organization model. In short, this means that employees no longer assign or perform tasks, but instead that every Global Textware employee develops their own vision for the company and the business processes, takes initiative, and encourages others to join them and achieve the desired result together. For the development of this organizational model and the performance of the employees in a self-managing team, we have initiated a plan with our external consultant to become a fully self-managing organization within 2 years. Global Textware will be financially supported in this regard by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).











The goal of a self-managing organization

The ultimate goal of developing a self-managing organization is to create a sustainable, smoothly running, flexible, innovative, and profitable company. In a self-managing organization, employees are able to make a valuable contribution to the production process and the development of the organizational, technical, and commercial aspects of the company in a sustainable, healthy, and fun way.


The road to a self-managing organization

To achieve the goal of a self-managing organization, Global Textware has brought in a consultant who will prepare the entire organization and its employees. The consultant, together with all employees and management, will change many business processes. Important components of this include:


  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of employees
  • Adapting our company culture to that of a self-managing organization
  • Developing new ways of working together and making decisions
  • Setting up the innovation process “from idea to solution”
  • Developing constructive meetings


Everyone at Global Textware is very interested in helping to develop a self-managing organization. We are also convinced that within 2 years we will be a successful, sustainable, and innovative organization in which every employee feels healthy and enjoys their work!

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