Our company

Based in Groningen, Global textware has its roots in a small rural city, but its branches reach a wide global network. We are an all-round translation agency with experience in a plethora of specializations, and offer complete, clear translations in a variety of languages.

What do we do?

Translation without borders

Translation without borders

From our office in Groningen, we do what we do best: producing clear and fit-for-purpose translations in various languages for various industries. This makes Global textware the top choice for large international companies who want to cater to local markets. Global textware offers translation without borders. With an extensive menu of services on offer, and many years of experience translating for different industries, we can find translation solutions for almost any request.

Who are we?

Global textware translation agency

Enthusiastic specialists

Global textware consists of a diverse team of highly educated specialists, each with a passion for language and extensive experience in the translation industry. With our in-house translators and large network of freelance linguists, we can handle almost any translation request. Additionally, we’ve set up our own team of IT-specialists, who dedicate every single day to improving the technological aspect of our service. Think about the API’s between our translation tools and client portals. Or perhaps a concrete, custom technical solution to an issue that will save time and money.

How do we work?

Global textware translation agency

Professional and personal

Global textware sets itself apart by taking a driven and professional approach to our work. We have designed all of our internal processes according to the most important ISO-guidelines in the translation industry. We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to delivering high-quality translations to our clients. We offer a professional approach, but we also value the importance of cooperation. We strive to build pleasant client-vendor relationships. This means we dedicate a lot of time to our clients. Sometimes there’s nothing like personal conversation in an increasingly digital world.

Where did we come from?

Global textware represents craftsmanship and experience. This is reflected in the milestones we achieved since our inception in 1997. Explore our timeline below to see the most important developments we’ve gone through.