Certified translation agency

As a client you want reassurance that a translation agency can live up to the quality they promise. Proof of their expertise, especially in specialist areas where experience is essential, is paramount to building this trust. Global textware is in the proud possession of the most vital industry certifications and works according to internationally set guidelines.

Quality you can trust – our certificates

ISO 17100

Gecertificeerd vertaalbureau ISO 9001

High-quality translation services

Global textware has delivered complete translation services from its inception, performed according to carefully set out guidelines. This means you can count on us to:

  • Enlist translators who have a suitable degree and industry-related experience
  • Deliver Translation, Editing, Proofing (TEP) as our standard service
  • Perform a LISA QA check on every delivery
  • Carry out final quality checks before delivery by our project managers

ISO 9001

Gecertificeerd vertaalbureau ISO 9001

Watertight quality management

At Global textware we take our clients seriously. We will always accept and handle feedback and complaints in a careful manner. Because we understand the position of the client, their pressures and expectations, and tight deadlines. That’s why we always remain critical of ourselves and our work. There’s always room for improvement. But how do we achieve this?

  • Our employees all have a relevant educational background in linguistics or other language-related studies
  • We evaluate our performance on a regular basis
  • Feedback or complaints are documented carefully
  • We regularly measure customer satisfaction levels

ISO 18587

Specialized post-editing services

Post-editing machine translations has slowly become a considerable part of our daily workload. So much so that we decided to get a separate certification to reflect our expertise. Post-editing demands a different approach than translation, but the final product needs to retain the same human quality. How do we achieve such an end result?

  • Our post-editors have relevant insight into the topic or industry at hand, and experience with post-editing
  • We perform a LISA QA check on every delivery
  • We always carry out final quality checks before delivering a post-editing task
  • We consistently develop and improve our machine translation technology by measuring and analyzing our results
Our ISO certificates represent an approach to working where we aim for constant improvement of our services, and always put the client first.

Stefan Prins