4 Miles from Groningen race results

Last Sunday, the 30th 4 Miles from Groningen race took place in reasonable conditions. This year, the four miles (a tad more than 6,437 kilometres) from Haren to the fish market in Groningen was completed by 23,000 runners. Traditionally, tens of thousands of spectators line the course to cheer on the runners. This makes the 4 Miles the largest sports event in the North Netherlands. Although the 4 Miles race is for runners at all levels, it is of course also a competition. For the men, Tamirat Tola won with a time of 17.38. For the women, Viola Kibiwot won for the fifth time in a row with a time of 20.02.


Global textware

It was a terrific event for the two teams that participated in the 4 Miles on behalf of Global textware. Each of the Global textware runners performed well and some of them can even boast about going home with a personal best. But, that’s only after the participants first had a pleasant get-together at a café in Groningen’s city centre and dined out in the evening.



Teamfoto Global textware


The results

The Global textware competition team:

Raymund Prins – 25.24 minutes

Roos Quene – 27.00 minutes

Gaaike Euwema – 27.32 minutes

Mark van den Oetelaar – 28.44 minutes

Coos Datema – 30.05 minutes


The Global textware recreational team:

René Schonewille – 35.07 minutes

Corrie Klompien – 37.18 minutes

Roel Staal – 37.32 minutes

Bert Dijkhuis – 45.44 minutes

Jans Dijkhuis – 45.44 minutes

Mieke van den Broek – did not finish (due to an injury)



This year, €60,040 was collected for the charity that was selected by the 4 Miles organisation — the association Groningen Geeft Thuis (i.e. Groningen provides shelter). This amount will be used to build a new building for the Het Kopland association. The building will be a shelter for women and children in need. The participation of the Global textware runners in the 4 Miles also supported the Translators without Borders organisation. Global textware doubled the collected amount and donated €280 to the current Haiti campaign of Translators without Borders.


The 31st 4 Miles from Groningen will take place on Sunday 9 October. Global textware is already looking forward to taking part again next year!

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