“Local roots, global approach”


Complete translation services for successful content in international and local markets

Complete translation services

We offer carefully translated content to help our clients achieve international success. Content that’s easy to understand, for anyone, across the world.

This is the result of years of experience in the field. It’s our raison d’être: providing specialist knowledge for a variety of industries.











At Global textware we value personal contact with our freelance linguists. Together, we form a formidable team that supports each other.

Svetlana Been, Vendor Manager

Technological innovation and experienced

Combining the power of technology with the insight of highly skilled linguists is Global textware’s trademark. Since our beginnings in 1997, we’ve always chased the best solution in terms of IT to streamline our translation process. We developed our own intranet, online LQA-system, and various APIs to connect our systems to those of our clients. It’s clear that AI and machine translation is set to play a huge role in the translation industry of the future. In short, technology is integral to the work we do.

But our people are still our main strength. Project managers who navigate the various systems and quality controls. Our IT department who deciphers APIs and creates new possibilities. And of course our linguists, who are always on top of the latest developments in terms of AI and machine translations. Above all, however, it’s their insight into cultural and linguistic nuances that set them apart – something a machine could never replicate. Technology might be a helpful tool, but our people remain to be the core of our business.

Global textware is a certified translation agency

Why our clients choose

Global textware

  • Experienced linguists
  • High-quality translations
  • Competitive rates
  • Positive client-vendor relationships
  • IT support
  • Dedicated project managers

Global textware

At Global textware we are passionate about language. That’s why we aim to provide the best possible translation services to all our clients, so users and customers all around the world can enjoy reading content in their own native language. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a technical manual, the correct words, tone, and phrasing can make all the difference. We never underestimate the power of a good translation (or the risks of a bad one). You can trust us to take care of yours.